Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That Deep Feelings Near Sea Shore

Chandrakant | 11:34 AM | | | | |
This Is a small Text You can Say That Came into my mind when i was at Diu this weekend On Looking into deep sea.
Deep Thought Near Sea Shore

I saw a ship there going into that large ocean.
That moment gave me a feeling like our life is also like that ship...
Going into deep sea of life,may be after few years we all will be at different destination.

That leaves me with a fear on my heart that who knows where life takes you???
Or May Be After Few year will these friends be like together again...

Life Is like that its all about togetherness and separation then why i am here now??
have you ever thought like this....
is our life is all about giving and taking like sea waves?
That deep thought leave me with a unbound feeling....

it gives me a glims on my heart you can't cross the sea
merely by standing and staring at water...
with a strong determination thought that the winds and wave always support me
on journey to deep sea i left my feelings beyond....


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