Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Cute Love Proposal

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A cute love proposal

A boy and girl meet each other with facebook. They both had a broken heart. They talk with each other and both have the same passion. The boy thinks the girl as his best friend and the girl too feels the same. After the periods of somedays the boy fall in love with that girl, but its quite difficult to express his love. Oneday the girl know about the love of that boy and told to the boy that:
Girl: I don't want to lose my love again. So better you should change yourself.

Boy: Its quite easy to change the thought but very difficult to change the feeling. Still I am trying my lebel best to stop thinking about you but can't stop my feelings for you. Its immortal. Could I change my heart?

Girl: No.

Boy: My heart only still beating for you and can't change to my heart.

Girl: (Smilled) I love you too.

Boy: I love you honey buns...I can't live without you.

(Its not a fiction rather its a real story about my two friends and just I want to express their feelings with my writing. Some part are true and some are my imaginations...)

Written by:
Er. Soumya Sourabha Patnaik


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