Sunday, May 27, 2012

My First Love You

Chandrakant | 2:51 AM |
I never thought I'd ever learn to Love,
the way simple lovers do.
I always believed it was impossible.
Yet I found myself so in love with you.
Now I know exactly what love truly is
and you are my reason why;
You convinced me to let you in my soul . . .
And you promised you would never lie.
I have learned to cherish and trust you,
In a way I never had before.
And if anything were ever to happen,
My Love,
I think I would only love you more.
I fought my feelings along the way,
but in the end it remains still true -
I have finally found My love in life.
(Just like you always knew. )
If you told me once, you told me twice,
Just how beautiful love could be.
Yet I never realized until now,
that you were speaking of you and me.
You have brought me such happiness,
it takes all my sadness away.
And with my endless loyalty
I will so lovingly repay.
You are my love in life.
This I will never forget.
You are the Love of my Life,
This I knew from the moment we met.


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