Thursday, March 21, 2013

#Silent Love #Unique Feelings

Chandrakant | 11:12 AM | | |

Nobody even knows about it,
Except for me and I dont quit,
One day you'll love me just as much,
But just when, I dont know such,
If loving you was such a crime,
I wouldnt be making this rhyme,
Im going to run out of time,
By then you'll know and i'll be fine,
But will you know, am I wasting time,
Soon you will know, and we'll be together,
At least I hope so, nothing lasts forever,
Is it true does love conquer all,
Or will fear make my love fall,
What will happen when im dead,
Will it be you that I regret,
If you die today, will I die tomorrow,
Or will it just fill me with sorrow,
Just what will the future bring,
Will she even know a single thing,
Maybe, just maybe, she already knows,
What will happen if she goes,
I hope that I never lose you,
But one day you will, and I will find you,
Love can push me anywhere,
Except for fear, fear of dispare,
I dont want games,
I dont want fame,
I wont ever take a form of greed,
Coz I have love, loves all I'll ever need.


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