Thursday, May 31, 2012

Struggling Money

Chandrakant | 11:10 PM |
Avash and Soumya were two brothers. They were very poor and living in a village nearer to Bhawanipatna. Soumya was the younger brother of Avash. They had no parents. Avash was collecting some wood and selling those wood on the market and was gaining some Money. On that money they two brother were living. Avash took all the responsibility of Soumya. He took care of his younger brother very much. Though if they are very poor but they had a nice heart which only knows what is struggle in life.
Soumya was reading at Bhawanipatna town. One day Soumya needed some extra money for his annual function at college. So he had informed his brother. Avash had struggled more to collect more wood and sold it in the market and earned some money for Soumya. Then he started his journey towards his little brother for giving him that amount of money. Avash was passing through a forest at night. As he was walking, a gang of dacoits surrounded him. They had knives and daggers in their hands. They stood around him and then their leader shouted at Avash, "Hand over whatever you have, money, jewellery, everything."
But Avash replied fearlessly, "I won't give you a single rupee. Do what you wish to."
The leader took out a pistol and aimed it at Avash, "You won't listen, will you?"
But strong Avash resisted them. He fought bravely but he was no match to them.
So the dacoits tied him by a rope.
Then they started to search his clothes. They got only a one hundred rupee note in his pocket and nothing else.
Avash shouted with full voice, “Don’t take this money from me Non-sense. I had struggle it and earn it for my little brother for his annual function fees. Better you kill me and purchase my kidney, heart or eyes but give that money to my brother. He urgently needs it”
Their leader said, "This young man fought and resisted so much just for one hundred rupees. Wonder what he will do to protect a larger amount! Now remember never to try and loot him if you see him, anywhere in future."
So they freed Avash and let him go.
Avash was delighted and meet his little brother and give him those money for his annual function.
Moral: Courage comes with Struggle and hardwork. If you are earning money by continuous hard-work and struggle, then u can’t afraid of anybody. A poor always earn money with struggle and hard-work. As a result they don’t afraid to lose their life for money. As they earn money by continuous commitment of their life.
Written by:
Er. Soumya Sourabha Patnaik
(Freelance Writer)


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