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Society and Profession

Chandrakant | 11:11 PM |
(Its a short story but not a fiction... I had gain some real life experience that I want to share though this story... Through this story I want to give a message to society....)
Sanjay and Soumik were two friends. They were living at Bhawanipatna, a small town of Odisha. They were schoolmates and were reading at Govt. Town High School. After that Soumik had completed his B.Tech and became a freelance writer. Sanjay had stopped his reading after Class 8 as he had certain financial problem. His father was a rickshaw puller. So he could not effort Sanjay’s further education after class 8. Sanjay was also not good at studies as he had spend his most of time by enjoying and marry-making.

One-day Sanjay and Soumya met each other on the market suddenly.

Soumik: Hi...Sanjay

Sanjay: Hi...Soumik. How are you?

Soumik: Me fine and what about you?

Sanjay: Me too fine. Nice to see you yaar after a long time. By the way what are you doing?...

Soumik: I feel the same dear. I am doing freelancing at writting. What about you?...

Sanjay: I am serving as a sweeper at Government Hopital, Bhawanipatna. You know I had not concentrate on studies at my school career and also certain financial problems was there…

Soumik: Wow... great dear... You have done a nice job work...At least you serve the patients.

Sanjay: Oh no... dear why you are insulting me? I have not done a such work at which I can feel great. But we should feel great for you as you are one of my friend who became a successful writer. We had a huge expectation from you as u always the school topper and now our expectation comes true. It sounds great when we hear.

Soumik: Can you tell me which work is the best work in this world?

Sanjay: Yes dear. Being a Doctor, an Engineer, a Lawers or an IAS officers etc sounds well. But I am only a sweeper and it doesn't sounds well.

Soumik: Could I please ask you something?

Sanjay: Yes dear... sure ask.

Soumik: Would an Engineer or Doctor or a lawer or an IAS officer or any other professional works just like you? Would they sweep like you to clean the environments? Explain me...Would they? … I don't think that they serve the people like you. You are the person who tries to think about the neat and good environment of a patient. You are doing a great work which they don't... For me you are a great hero who serves for our country.

Sanjay: (starring at me with wet eyes with full of delighters) You think so dear but our Society don't recognizes like that...

Soumik: Our society needs to be changed if we people change the style of our thinking...We know every work and profession has a unique place, but still we are unrecognizing it... Every profession is doing their work with great effort. Work differs from person to person but commitment is same for the society...
Moral: Every profession has their own unique place of greatness and commitment.
Written by:
Er. Soumya Sourabha Patnaik
(Freelance Writer)


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