Friday, May 25, 2012

Green Gold:

Chandrakant | 10:06 AM |

Green Gold:
Rima was a beggar girl. One day a lady
gave her some saplings and seeds of
flower plants instead of alms and said,
'Plant these saplings and seeds. You
will gain a hundred times more from
Rima did not understand anything but
decided to do as the lady had said. She
went to her small hut and dug the
ground by its side. Then she planted
the saplings and sowed the seeds. She
watered them well and a few weeks
later, flowers bloomed around her hut.
One day a few women came to buy
the flowers, Rima had grown. So from
that day Rima plucked the flowers and
sold them door to door. Sometimes,
she sold them in the market and on
the roads. She was earning her living
well and had stopped begging. Soon
some people became regular buyers of
her flowers. She saved enough money
to open a small flower shop in the
market and man people went to Rima
flower collection.
Rima thanked the lady who had led
her to get green gold.
Moral: There must be a great reward
for Hardworking person.
Composed by:
Writer Soumya Sourabha Patnaik


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