Thursday, May 24, 2012

Believe In Yourself

Chandrakant | 11:29 AM |
You have the abilityto attain whatever you seek;within you is every potentialyou can imagine. Always aim higher thanyou believe you can reach. So often, you'll discoverthat when your talentsare set freeby your imagination,you can achieve any goal. If people offer theirhelp or wisdomas you go through life,accept it gratefully. if your heart tells youthat it's the right way for you. Always believe that you willultimately succeedat whatever you do,and never forget the valueof discipline,sincerityand determination. You are meant to bewhatever you dream of becoming.
view the world from your own prespective Design the world with your handbecause future is yours,If you are geeting any oppertunnity Just Act you will success in your life,Believe in yourselfBelieve that by workinglearning and achievingyou can reach your goalsand be successfulBelieve in your own creativityas a means of expressingyour true feelingsBelieve in appreciating lifeBe sure to have fun every dayand to enjoythe beauty in the worldBelieve in LoveLove your friendsyour familyyourselfand your lifeBelieve in your dreamsand your dreams can becomea reality.


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